The Tekhead Network use the World Class DV2/GNAX Data Center!

The equipment and network at DV2/GNAX are of the highest quality and their Data Center is world class! The network is 100% Cisco with two Cisco 7513 Routers and Switches.

Located in Atlanta, the Data Center is located in one of the 2 main Telco Hotel vaults in Atlanta - with access to all the major IP backbones and the highest quality of power and security in the city.

The network uses multiple redundant connections and BGP to ensure 100% uptime of the network. There is also a unique firewall in place to ensure server security.

Redundant Internet Connections

The Data Center has multiple connections to different backbone providers; huge fiber connections to the largest and most trusted providers around.

24/7 Server Monitoring

The Data Center monitors servers 24/7 and has staff on hand.

Redundant Power Supply

Reliability exceeds 99.999%. The main electrical room provides clean, consistent power via switchgear, UPS systems, multiple feeds and generator backup to ensure a consistent supply of power to the facility. No power outages here!

Environment control

Consistent temperature and humidity ranges in the Data Center are maintained by redundant cooling systems.


In additional to the on-site security staff, access is controlled by state-of-the-art identification systems, including a biometric hand scanner and card reader.



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