"Kyle has been involved in assisting our company in both website design and web hosting for over 5 years. Last year when he decided to start Tekhead.biz it was a pleasure to follow him and to be one of his first customers. Tekhead.biz helped us redesign and modernize our website. The attention that Kyle and Tekhead.biz give to reliability and customer service is well above other ISP's that we have dealt with prior to working with Kyle. It is a pleasure to have our website hosted at an ISP that is constantly making sure they have the most up to date bells and whistles to assist us in monitoring and maintaining our website. We first hosted our website on the world wide web in 1996 and after trial and error we finally found a wonderful ISP - TEKHEAD.BIZ. I highly recommend Tekhead for website development, website re-design, and website hosting."

Troy M. Watkins, President, M&W Tank Construction Co., Inc.

"In all my dealings with Tekhead I have found that they brought something new to the profession of web hosting services.... Accountability.  On the rare occasions that we have experienced problems, they have responded quickly and diligently to resolve our technical issues.  Their representatives have also regularly offered assistance in other areas not typically covered by their services.  I have no doubt that were it not for their particular level of expertise, we would have great difficulty maintaining an effective web presence."

John L. Palmer, Business Development Manager, Oxlite Manufacturing

"I've dealt with various hosting services/providers in the past, but none can compare to Kyle @ Tekhead.biz.  I am both pleased and somewhat suprised at the extent of knowledge and personal service Tekhead.biz demonstrates.  My emails are generally answered within minutes, and any questions I may have had with my site are resolved before they can become an issue.  Doing business with Kyle is like having my own personal technical assistant at my side!  I've recently transferred three more accounts to Kyle, and will highly recommend them for any future endeavors."

Teresa Landry, Webmaster, Iberia Humane Society

"After playing phone tag with my last web server provider everytime there was a problem, I started using Tekhead so I could benefit from quality customer service. After months of use, I have never had to talk to them and have had zero downtime on the site. After all, isn't that what everyones looking for in a webserver?"

Allen J. Clements, Universal Warning Records, Victim of Modern Age

"Just wanted to say thank you for the help in getting my web hosting changed over to your company Tekhead in such a quick professional manner. You really made the transition smooth. Thank you also for being available to answer all of my questions in a timely manner. As you know I rely on email and internet exposure for a large part of both of my businesses and it is important to me to have a local/accessible technical contact for problems. Thanks again."

Arlene White, President, Utila Tours Inc. & Abbeville RV Park

"Tekhead has provided agco-auto.com with outstanding hosting and technical support, the support team quickly answered all questions and provided us with an outstanding interface to help support our site."

Bruce Burge, Web Developer, AGCO Automotive, Inc.

"I had a problem with e-mail and found Kyle to be competent, thorough, friendly, patient and very responsive. I was frustrated at first and very pleased at the end! He is a pleasure to work with. This is how you succeed in business. Thanks Tekhead!"

Bob Koenig, Professional Coach, Andrew Coaching

"For the last three years, my personal website was hosted by a California-based hosting service. At first their support was more personal and on a "first-name" basis. But as they apparently grew over the last eighteen months, I became very dissatisfied with their poor, slow response to my questions and problems. It was obvious from the tech names and poor English answers that my old hosting service had contracted with a Middle Eastern support team. Then I met Kyle when he worked with my company to transfer our website to Tekhead and repair network problems. Needless to say, I was impressed. I immediately terminated my old personal site hosting service and transferred my website to Tekhead. It was a great move and I am a winner in several ways. Not only am I getting a 300 MB site, a higher bandwidth, and a super Control Panel for the same price as the old 200 MB site, I am also receiving the personalized, prompt support that I so missed from my old service. My thanks to Kyle and Tekhead for making my website a pleasure again."

Al Gallia, Lafayette, Louisiana

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